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What is a birdnesting custody arrangement?

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2024 | Divorce

Divorcing or legally separated parents in Arizona often need to continue cooperating with each other for the sake of their children. The degree of cooperation necessary depends in no small part on how they structure their custody arrangements.

Birdnesting arrangements are among those most likely to require regular communication and mutual respect between the parents. Birdnesting is not particularly common, but it does benefit families in certain situations.

What does birdnesting involve for those sharing custody in Arizona?

A birdnesting custody arrangement keeps the children in the nest or the family home. They stay in an environment where they feel safe instead of constantly traveling back and forth between where their parents live.

The parents come and go from the property during their parenting time, much like birds taking care of their hatchlings. Each parent usually has their own place to live, although sometimes birdnesting arrangements may involve the parents establishing two separate living spaces at the marital home.

There is typically a need for strong boundaries and a cooperative attitude for birdnesting arrangements to work for a family. Clear rules about home maintenance, cleanliness, household costs and privacy are usually necessary. Parents may also need to negotiate a contract about what happens to the marital home after the children all eventually move out to live independently.

If parents are able to be respectful toward one another, maintain the home as agreed and establish certain boundaries, a birdnesting custody arrangement could be beneficial for everyone in the family. Exploring different custody solutions may help parents select the best option given their circumstances.