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Not Just


We fight for fairness and the rights you deserve. When you have been treated unfairly – it is unacceptable.

No one Should be Taking Advantage of You

Looking for a skilled attorney means you are seeking a solution to a problem. Your family may be facing a significant transition in your family life, or you may have been accused of a DUI or other crime.

No matter the situation, you need an attorney who will not give up on getting you what you deserve.

At The Law Office of Vincent Mattioli, PLC, our founding attorney has built a reputation for bold and zealous legal representation. Furthermore, we believe every client deserves trust, respect and dignity.  We will build your case to help defend your rights and achieve the goals you have in mind, all while treating you with care.

Creating New Family Dynamics

Smoothing the Divorce Process

Protecting and Defending Your Rights

The Best Way is not Always the Easiest Way


The zeal of our advocacy is one of our strengths, but another strength is our innovation. We are ready to bring creativity to solving your legal problems. Additionally, we work with integrity and only offer honest assessments. If there is a better way to approach your case, rest assured we will explain all your options and recommend how to protect yourself.

Our goal is to solve your problem. We go to court when you need it – or work to solve the problem outside of court when it is right for your situation. We see issues before they become a problem because we treat you like our sole client.

When justice is not upheld, you deserve someone on your side. We will not let unfair treatment go without a fight.

We Care About our Clients

It is as simple as that. We want you and your future to succeed. Our team is approachable and responsive to your concerns because we understand the difficult issues you are facing.

When you feel like all is lost, call The Law Office of Vincent Mattioli, PLC at 480-590-0768 to schedule your free consultation.