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The Wrong Place at the Wrong Time? Don’t Lose Hope.

Facing a serious allegation or criminal charge is frightening. While you cannot go back and change the circumstances that led you to this point, you can look at protecting your future.

Our team at The Law Office of Vincent Mattioli, PLC believes everyone has the same rights — no matter what the police may be alleging. We treat you with respect and approach your case with knowledge and perception. Trust the experience and dedication of criminal defense attorney Vincent Mattioli to represent you and seek the best possible resolution to your case.

Strategies When You are Facing Criminal Charges

Arizona is a no-tolerance state for drinking and driving or drinking underage. They can also penalize violent crimes or other serious crimes with felony charges. Acting as soon as possible helps us stop the system and intervene with knowledge and skill.

Your defense will need a solid legal strategy. We can consider options such as:

  • Exploring unlawful search and seizures during drug investigations
  • Investigating an illegal DUI stop or improper handling of evidence in a DUI case
  • Negotiating the sentence or plea agreements
  • Petitioning to expunge a past criminal record
  • Witness statements and expert testimony
  • Video or security footage from assault cases
  • Working with your university to mitigate penalties and keep you in school
  • Using forensics for digital mediums like phones, social media and email

Independent and Dependable

We want to see you succeed. Our team prioritizes your needs the same way we would for friends or family. We create a trusted partnership that views you as a person, not as someone defined by the charges you are facing.

As an independent firm, we are loyal only to our client’s best interests. We do not spend our time racking up huge client bills or cutting prestigious deals that expand our reputation. Our focus is on the most important thing: your life.

Our Passion is Seeking Justice

You may not even be aware that your rights have been infringed and that you have a strong case. Our aim is to bring you the justice you deserve.

Call 480-485-8158 or request an appointment online for a free, convenient phone consultation if you are looking for legal help in Scottsdale or the Phoenix metro area. If your loved one has been arrested, call anytime day or night, and we will respond within 24 hours.