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Is divorce more likely at certain times of year?

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2023 | Divorce

There are many things that can influence the likelihood of divorce. How old was the couple when they got married? Do they have children? Are they experiencing financial stress? Everyone’s situation is unique, and factors like these – and many more – can work together to determine how likely it is that the couple will split up.

Additionally, the time of year can influence how likely that it is that any particular couple will call it quits. It turns out that divorce is seasonal, in a sense. Statistics show that it tends to spike and decline at similar times from year to year. This suggests that the odds of getting divorced are much higher at some parts of the year than others.

How the likelihood of divorce evolves over the year

There is an increase from January until a peak around the middle of March. Things then tend to level out throughout the summer, slightly declining at the end of July. But then the divorce rate picks back up again through August, peaking just slightly lower than it did in March. From September on until December, however, there is a very dramatic decline in divorce cases filed in courts across the U.S.

What are some potential reasons for these trends?

One reason for the increase at the beginning of the year is simply that people may crave a fresh start. They may make a New Year’s resolution or focus on changes they want to make in their life. Additionally, the holidays are behind them, so they have more time and energy to focus on the opportunities afforded by divorce.

The decline in the fall also has a lot to do with the holidays. People sometimes decide that they want to get divorced in the fall, but they don’t actually file for divorce until January or later because they may not want to affect the holiday season for the sake of their loved ones.

Considering your options

You can certainly get divorced at any time throughout the year, but the statistics help to show you some of the things that couples are considering while doing so. Make sure you think about all of your legal options as you work through this process.