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Are you in a covenant marriage and want a divorce?

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2023 | Divorce

The Arizona State Legislature recognizes a different type of marriage called covenant marriage. According to state laws, individuals who intend to enter into this marriage type will agree to live together as husband and wife for as long as they both live.

People pursuing this marriage type should understand that it’s for life. They will be required to take all reasonable measures, including marital counseling, when they have difficulties.

Nonetheless, you can file for a divorce if you are in a covenant marriage in certain situations, including:

Both spouses agree to it

If you and your spouse have irreconcilable issues that both of you agree to get a divorce, you can file for divorce like those in standard legal marriages – without necessarily having legal grounds to support the decision.

However, if your spouse does not want the divorce, you may need to prove the grounds for the dissolution, such as:


If you have evidence to prove your spouse has an affair, you may have grounds to dissolve a covenant marriage.

Drug addiction or alcoholism

Being addicted to drugs or alcohol is another ground you can use to request a divorce from a covenant marriage. It may help to prove how the use of drugs or alcohol has affected the quality of your marriage.


If your spouse deliberately left your marital home and they no longer observe their responsibilities and have not provided a good reason, you may have grounds for a divorce.

Physical abuse

The state protects its residents from physical abuse. Thus, if you experience it, you can dissolve a covenant marriage.

If you are in a covenant marriage and want a divorce, it will be best to obtain adequate information to make the right moves.