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Your ex’s drinking or drug use can affect your custody order

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2022 | Divorce

Substance abuse damages not just the individual who can’t control their chemical dependence but also their closest family members. People dependent on drugs or alcohol may be dangerous when under the influence and angry and unpredictable when unable to access their substance of choice. They may become unreliable and volatile and can cause financial issues as they seek to support their habits.

If your spouse has struggled with drinking or drug use, you may have tried to encourage them to seek treatment for their issues. Their habits may have had significant negative consequences for your family, especially if it affects their employment. Their substance abuse could easily be one of the reasons you decided to file for divorce.

You may worry about your ex having parenting time. If you have documentation of the issue, you will be in a better position to protect your children. 

Judges know how substance abuse hurts kids

Family law judges want to create custody orders that are good for the children in a family. The rights of the parents are far less important than the long-term health of the children in the family. In most cases, it is good for the children to have time with both parents.

When one parent has a serious substance abuse issue, that may not be the case. The parent drinking or using drugs could be negligent or violent during their parenting time. Medical records, police reports and even social media content could help you show the courts that your spouse has a history of dangerous overindulgence. The courts may then factor that information into how they divide your parental responsibilities.

Understanding the rules that govern child custody matters can help you be a better advocate for your children during a divorce.