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Navigating The Complexities Of Domestic Violence Allegations In Family Law Cases

Divorce is difficult for nearly all couples, and disagreements – even bitter ones – are common. But in cases where one spouse has accused the other of committing domestic violence, the entire tone of the proceedings change. There are fewer options for negotiation or compromise, and the accused spouse is at a significant disadvantage in any decisions regarding child custody.

As a firm that practices both family law and criminal defense, The Law Office of Vincent Mattioli, PLC, has considerable experience with domestic violence and orders of protection. Attorney Vince Mattioli understands how significantly allegations – whether true or false – can impact the process and outcome of the case. He is committed to helping you tell your side of the story and will advocate vigorously to help the court understand both the accuracy of the allegations and the context surrounding them.

Advocacy For Domestic Violence Victims

If your spouse has a history of harming or threatening you or the children, it is critical that a judge knows this information and acts accordingly. Police reports, orders of protection and other evidence of law enforcement involvement are important ways to verify your allegations.

After divorce, courts typically want to keep both parents involved in their children’s lives so long as both parents are fit and do not pose a danger to the kids or to one another. Substantiated claims of family violence are likely to have a major impact on custody/parenting time decisions. We will do all we can to ensure that this information is presented to the court, accurately and in full.

Helping The Wrongly Accused

False allegations of domestic violence are not nearly as common as truthful ones. Unfortunately, however, they do occur. Spouses who make false allegations are often doing so for personal gains such as gaining an advantage in custody proceedings.

If you’ve been falsely accused, the entire divorce process can become much more difficult. A protection order filed against you can keep you out of your own home, greatly limit your contact with your children and even have consequences at work. You may also lose any presumption of parenting time unless you can successfully demonstrate that the allegations are false.

Debunking false allegations is not easy, but we will work tirelessly to clear your name and help the court see that the accusations against you were made in bad faith.

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Allegations of domestic violence are a sensitive subject that must be handled tactfully, yet with an unflinching commitment to the truth. That’s what you can expect when you hire The Law Office of Vincent Mattioli, PLC. To tell us your story during a free initial consultation, call us in Scottsdale or Casa Grande, Arizona, at 480-485-8158. You can also reach out online.