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Arizona child custody and rehab: Secure your parental rights

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2024 | Divorce

As you may expect, addiction can impact child custody arrangements. While a parent’s decision to enter rehab voluntarily is commendable, it may still raise questions about the involved child’s well-being. 

Addiction impacts people from all walks of life, but it does not necessarily mean those stricken with this illness are not fit to parent. Protect your rights with information and legal guidance. 

How can substance problems affect custody decisions?

It depends on your family’s unique situation, but Arizona prioritizes the child’s best interests in custody decisions. Addiction itself may not threaten your custody rights, but a recent history of substance abuse might cause a judge to limit your role with your children.

At the same time, seeking treatment voluntarily can demonstrate a positive step towards recovery, potentially adding a mark in your favor. However, the court will probably want to know what you are doing to recover. Completing these two steps can help show you have turned over a new leaf. 

  • Participating in and completing all requirements of your treatment program
  • Renewing your commitment to sobriety by complying with post-treatment orders after leaving rehab

Be ready to present documentation showing that you finished your treatment and have taken steps to remain sober.

Protect your custody rights

Rehabilitation could take some time. Of course, you want to focus on recovery, but stay in touch with your child. This can ease their concerns and yours while showing the court you value your parent-child bond. 

A legal representative can offer additional protection. They can help you explore child custody modifications and other solutions that may allow you to heal without sacrificing your children.