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How do people fight back against DUI charges?

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2022 | Criminal Defense

Those arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) charges in Arizona may feel like they are in a hopeless situation. After all, there is probably a police officer willing to testify about their behavior and the chemical test showing that they were over the legal limit.

Even those who know the charges against them are wrong may feel like they have to plead guilty. What these individuals fail to realize is that quite a few drivers successfully defend against DUI charges in Arizona every year. What defense strategies may prove successful for those who want to avoid conviction?

Challenging the breath test results

If you have not had anything to drink in weeks and fail a breath test, you obviously realize that the breath test must be inaccurate. There is scientific research to help validate your claim that the test results might be inaccurate.

Challenging the traffic stop

Police officers need a valid reason to pull you over. They need to suspect you of a significant traffic infraction. If they do not believe you are under the influence, then they must give you another reason for conducting the traffic stop. A traffic stop initiated with no probable cause may not hold up under scrutiny in criminal court.

Creating a medical explanation

Some people have health issues that affect the accuracy of breath test results. Others take medications that compromise testing accuracy. When you have medical records that create a viable alternative explanation for why you may have failed a breath test or even a field sobriety test, you will have an easier time creating a reasonable doubt regarding your guilt.

Looking into common defense strategies can help you defend your driving record and your freedom when facing DUI charges.