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Can you keep custody of your children as a busy teacher?

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2022 | Divorce

Parenting schedules and physical custody issues can make a divorce more difficult. You want to do what’s best for your children, but you also need to think about your other responsibilities.

As a busy teacher, you spend many hours a day at the local school. Your children go there, too, so you see them every day even if you don’t have physical custody on that date. It’s a best-case scenario in some ways, but in others, your job makes getting time with your kids harder.

You work late into the evenings, and then you have papers to grade and homework to go over. You’re focused on lesson plans and putting together events, so it can be hard to spend more quality time with your kids.

Does this mean that you don’t have time for custody? Can you still have custody some days?

Custody is based on your children’s best interests

Your parenting time and custody schedule will be based on your children’s best interests. For example, if they would be going to and from school with you, have help with homework, be able to have a parent with them regularly and have the support they need in the home, there is no reason why you wouldn’t have a right to seek physical custody.

At the same time, you should think about their time and if it’s reasonable to be with you each of those days. Maybe you’ll find it hard to find time to cook dinner or make means for them because you’re busy with work. Maybe the other parent has more time and would be better able to care for your children through the week even though they see you at school. This is something to think over as you work on your parenting plan.

Do what will help your child most

Everyone’s situation is different. Your career doesn’t necessarily guarantee or remove the chances of getting custody. You, the other parent and, potentially, your children, may want to sit down and talk about the custody situation to determine if one home would be better than the other at certain times.