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Take advantage of the “cooling off” period for your divorce

On Behalf of | May 5, 2022 | Divorce

If you and your spouse are always at odds and things seem like they aren’t going to get better, you may be in a hurry to file for divorce – but you have to wait a little. 

After filing the divorce petition, Arizona law imposes a waiting period of 60 days before moving forward with the divorce proceedings. This is a good time to see if you can work things out, but there are other steps you can use to take full advantage of this time

Gather information

You can spend the 60 days gathering information and documents you will need for the divorce proceedings. Be sure to focus on financial information, both yours and your spouses. All this will be necessary for property division and determining things like child support and alimony. 

Work to resolve disputed issues

It’s a good idea to try to resolve as much of your divorce with your spouse before going to a judge. Doing this will help make sure things move smoothly and keep costs down since you won’t spend time arguing in court. 

Get ready for trial

Ideally, you’ll work everything out with your spouse and come to agreements without needing the court to step in. For contested divorces, however, it may be necessary to testify. You can use the 60-day waiting period to practice your composure and responses to questions in court.

The 60-day waiting period is called the “cooling off” period. While some couples may rethink their situation, it’s also a great time for you to get ready for the divorce. Use the tips here to ensure that you take the steps necessary to prepare yourself for the process. This will likely help you save time and money in the long run.