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Co-parenting successfully with an ex you still care about

On Behalf of | May 30, 2022 | Divorce

You might have read articles about co-parenting with a former spouse that you dislike intensely. But what if the opposite is true? How do you co-parent successfully with an ex you still love, even though the ink on your divorce papers has dried already?

What you need to keep uppermost in mind, whatever your feelings are for your ex, is your children’s emotional health. They must always come first. Working with your ex to assure that the kids thrive mentally, physically and academically despite your marital split has to be foremost.

What can you do to move past your feelings and co-parent?

Think about trying these strategies if you are struggling with the emotions sparked by your ex:

  • Put a workable co-parenting plan in place. Stick to its guidelines.
  • Give yourself a chance to overcome your lingering feelings. There is no quick fix. It just takes a while.
  • Confine your interactions with your ex to those solely connected with the youngsters.
  • Accept that your former spouse is always going to have a voice in your family.

You may have pangs of lovelorn yearning every time you see or speak to your ex. You might wince when they say they are dating again. These reactions are human and understandable. Just because the marriage ended does not mean that your feelings for the person you wed ended, too. However, your focus needs to shift to going forward constructively for your own and especially your children’s sake.

Be open-minded and realistic

By cooperating with your ex to minimize disruption to the kids’ lives, you are acting as a good role model for them. You have also taken a step toward getting your own life normalized again. If you are stuck on things like how to establish a viable parenting plan, obtain the information you require.